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Wild Jupiter

Clear Quartz Phantom Amethyst Enhydro #1

Clear Quartz Phantom Amethyst Enhydro #1

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Water-Clear Quartz Crystal with Phantom Amethyst AND Multiple Enhydro Inclusions.

These were ethically sourced in 2023, collected from the miners of Goboboseb Mountains in Brandberg, Nambia. This is a truely beautiful find. It has ridge lines and some slight imperfections that come with small scale artisan mining. The clarity of the quartz is superb with two visible Enhydro inclusions.Β 

Origin:Β ο»ΏNambia

Weight:Β 15g

Size: approx 5cm height and 1.5cm wide

Enhydro means these highly sought after crystals have pockets of water and air bubbles trapped inside. The water trapped inside is millions of years old, untouched by human contaminants, which is mind blowingΒ 

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