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Wild Jupiter

Pakistani Pink Mangano Calcite Shiva

Pakistani Pink Mangano Calcite Shiva

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Stunning pale pink with white banding, the UV reaction turns this crystal hot pink. An amazing piece for your collection.

Origin: Pakistan

Weight: 50g            Size: approx 5.5cm x 2.5cm         

Mohs Hardness Scale: 3

Metaphysical Benefits: Grounding. Joy. Inner peace. Compassion. Self Confidence. Abundance. Prosperity. Love. Karmic Healing.

For this stone to be considered Mangano Calcite, it must have at least 30% manganese inclusions in the crystal structure. Manganese is what gives this crystal it’s pink colour.

Manganese is an ‘activator’ in fluorescent chemistry, hence the intense reaction to UV light.

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