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Wild Jupiter

Moss Agate Leaf #1

Moss Agate Leaf #1

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Bring the outside inside with this Moss Agate Leaf. The patterning on every piece of Moss Agate is unique and the leaf shape is perfect for this stone.

Weight: 58g                              

Mohs Hardness Scale: 6.5 to 7

Metaphysical Benefits: Tranquility. Emotional Balance. New Beginnings. Vitality. Abundance. Belonging. Grounding. Inner Peace.

Moss Agate is actually a form of chalcedony. It has green horneblende (chlorite) inclusions embedded within the stone that form a dendritic moss-like pattern.

Moss Agate is very similar to Tree Agate, with both commonly confused for each other. Tree Agate is generally opaque, where as Moss Agate has some translucency which is easy to depict when backlit.


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