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Wild Jupiter

Old Stock Ocean Jasper Flame

Old Stock Ocean Jasper Flame

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This piece is absolutely stunning. The orbicular patterning is so well defined it almost looks painted in greens, white and yellows. It also has some very small druzy quartz pockets which adds some sparkle. A must have for any serious collector. 

Origin: Madagascar 

Weight: 661g                          Size: 13cm

Mohs Hardness Scale: 6.5 to 7

Metaphysical Benefits: Joy. Happiness. Gentleness. Relaxation. Positivity. Communication. Creativity. Patience. Self Expression. Renewal. Tranquility.

Ocean Jasper is only found in one place in the world - North West Madagascar. There are 2 deposits about 16km apart.
Old Stock means this piece came from one of the first 4 veins, which are now depleted. This means the miners have exhausted its supply and what is currently circulating in the market is all there will ever be. To give you some perspective - the first vein (the biggest of the 4) was roughly 27m long & 7m wide. 
Ocean Jasper has striking orbicular patterning and come in an array of pinks, greens, whites, and small amounts of orange and yellows.

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