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Wild Jupiter

Dendritic White Plume Agate Cloud

Dendritic White Plume Agate Cloud

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Beautiful plumes, milky white hues, little sparkly druzy pockets and dendritic inclusions towards the bottom of the carving. Comes with the stand.

Weight: approx 234g                                       Size: approx 7.2cm high x 9.5cm across x 1.6cm wide

Weight with Stand: approx 305g                    Size with Stand: approx 16.5cm high

Mohs Hardness Scale: 7

Metaphysical Benefits: Balance. Energy. Harmony. Analytical Thinking. Decisiveness. Concentration. Focus. Spiritual Connection. Peace. Purity. Abundance. Honesty. Memory.

The name ‘Dendrite’ comes from the Greek word ‘dendron’ meaning tree. Dentures are inclusions that will mostly have a tree like structure. They are often black, but can be red or brown in colour.

Plume Agate is a red/brown or white stone that has inclusions that resemble clouds of smoke.

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