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Wild Jupiter

Polychrome Jasper Egg #5

Polychrome Jasper Egg #5

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Polychrome Jasper is just beautiful. The differing colours and patterns make every single piece so unique. 

Origin: Madagascar 

Weight: approx 120g                                       Size: approx 5cm x 3.7cm at widest point

Hardness Scale: 7

Metaphysical Benefits: Luck. Happiness. Creativity. Grounding. Stability. Passion. Stamina. Balance. Focus. Vibrancy. Security.

The word ‘polychrome’ means painted, which is the perfect description of this crystal. Polychrome Jasper is also known as Desert Jasper. It was discovered in North West Madagascar in 2008, whilst miners were searching for more deposits of the popular Ocean Jasper.

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