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Wild Jupiter

Rainbow Fluorite Tower #1

Rainbow Fluorite Tower #1

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This tower is long and thin, like a pencil. It won’t stand on its own, however, the  colours and the clarity are next level.

Weight:  43g                  Size: 12cm

Mohs Hardness Scale: 4

Metaphysical Benefits: Motivation. Focus. Productivity. Creativity. Freedom. Intuition. Protection. Balances Negative Energy.

Rainbow Fluorite comes in a spectrum of colours ranging from purple, lilac, blue, green, golden yellow, red, pink and champagne. These colours are a result of the presence of different impurities.

The name Fluorite was derived from the Latin word 'fluere', which means 'to flow'. This in in reference to Fluorite's ability to act as a flux in both iron smelting and ceramics. The suffix 'ite' is derived from the Greek word 'ites' (the adjective form of 'lithos'),  meaning 'rock' or 'stone'.

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