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Wild Jupiter

Tremolite Palmstone #1

Tremolite Palmstone #1

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The green colour of this carving is so vibrant, white beautiful iridescent sparkles on both sides.

Weight: approx 81g                                           Size: approx 6cm x 4cm

Mohs Hardness Scale: 5 to 6

Metaphysical Benefits: Quiets the mind. Inner Peace. Spirituality. Happiness. Relaxation. Optimism. Empowerment. Emotional Release.

Tremolite is a mineral that is most commonly white to light green and is a metamorphism of sediment containing quartz and dolomite. Pure magnesium Tremolite is a milky white, but the colour can range from light to dark green depending on the iron content. The colour can vary from white, gray, lavendar, pink and even light yellow.

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